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Home of Lothas having a total geographical area of 1628 Sq. Km, accounting 9.82% of the total geographical  area of the State,  Wokha District is situated in the mid Western part of the Nagaland State.

Wokha literally means Census in Lotha. It was a place where Lothas counted heads before spreading out into the villages during  their waves of migration. 


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Wokha is a land of beautiful, mountain ranges and rivers and is known for their vibrant dances and folk songs. Some noteworthy hills here are Mount Tiyi, (Supposedly the home of departed souls) and Totsu Cliff.
Doyang is the lagest river in the District and there is a Hydro Electricity Station with a capacity of 75MW called Doyang Hydro Project which is located across the Doyang River.

MAP OF WOKHA DISRTICT   (click here to download map)

Wokha District Map

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